Golf View Magazine by Joshua David Dinnerman
Golf View Magazine by Joshua David Dinnerman
Golf View Magazine by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman  

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Golf View Magazine By Joshua David Dinnerman Media (JDDMedia)

Golf View is a unique, fascinating, literate, and fun magazine focusing on the lifestyle and legacy of Golf – packed with terrific stories and features that can't be found elsewhere!  Golf View will feature extensive lifestyle advertising that spotlights the goods and services that focus the discretionary spending interests of local communities.

  • Fascinating & Fun Feature Articles
  • Incredible Golf Tips
  • The Best Golf Courses
  • Golf History
  • First Person Accounts
  • The Golf's Most Amazing Jobs
  • Destinations: Awesome Courses
  • Local Stuff & Events Calendar
  • Profiles

Joshua David Dinnerman Media (JDDMedia) uses highly targeted distribution to provide advertisers with distribution channels that ensure that their ads reach and influence target potential customers—when they are ready to buy what is being advertised.  Golf View will be distributed to active duty military and reservists and their families on military installations.

Distribution at a wide variety of on-base facilities including military exchanges, commissaries, Officers and Enlisted Clubs, golf courses, theaters, gyms, convenience stores, credit unions, bowling centers, gas stations, transit quarters, community and education centers, beverage stores – as well as on the premises of on-base corporate concessions like banks, convenience food vendors, travel agencies, and more By advertising in Golf View, you'll get great exposure for your investment—with an ad that's highly visible for three months! Golf View is the only publication of its kind, so don't miss this opportunity to put your business front and center .