JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman
JDDMedia by Joshua David Dinnerman  

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JDDMedia Overview

JDDMedia stand for Joshua David Dinnerman Media has more than thirty various international multi-lingual publications all targeting a specific niche market. Our flagship Japanese publication Golf View and our exclusive armed forces publication Military View are well known as effective niche publications. We are proud of our other titles such as Fashion view also in Japanese, and Senior View catering to local retirement communities.

JDDMedia Vision

Joshua David Dinnerman Media has adopted a distribution strategy that is considerably more aggressive and tightly focused than its competition. Its variety for niche markets, and the number of markets it distributes in exceed those of its competitors. No other magazines develop brand awareness and loyalty among readers who buy associates products and services to the extent that our publications do. Dinnerman Media magazines will continue to offer advertisers the most productive medium for print advertising, and will continue to command the loyalty of premium-brand companies.

JDDMedia Expertise

The phenomenal and enduring success of Golf View owes itself to a proven and highly profitable concept that Joshua David Dinnerman Media calls integrated marketing. Pioneered by Mr. Joshua David Dinnerman, the concept of integrated marketing ensures that a magazines commercial success by enabling it to quickly establish lucrative accounts with high profile advertisers. It's a concept that Dinnerman Media puts to work on a large scale.

JDDMedia Services

Advertising with JDDMedia is the best way to brand your products and company. We have premium companies already on board. Joshua David Dinnerman Media is not restricted to print alone. Other formidable strength s includes event marketing, insert, custom publishing, mail order, agency, radio, broadcast and PR. For more information on how to advertise your products in these exclusive magazines, and other great mediums, contact Joshua David Dinnerman Media.

Contact JDDMedia

1164 Bishop St. 124-226
Honolulu , HI 96813
Phone (808) 944-3318
Fax (808) 531-1270